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Governor's Capitol Art Exhibit

We're honored to have two of our Blown and Sandblasted Bowls selected to represent the best art in Wyoming. Our glass will be on display at the Wyoming State Capitol in Cheyenne February 20, 2020 to August 13, 2020

  1. Peacock Lotus Bowl & Winter's Bloom

  2. Lotus Bowl  7" x 20" is a combination of cobalt and gold ruby glass evoking the colors of a sunset. Laurie layers the colors while blowing the molten glass at 2100 F.   After the bowl cools down for 8 hours in the annealing oven she carefully grinds & polishes the foot of the bowl.  Dan spends another 80 to 100 hours meticulously taping, drawing & cutting out the pattern by hand.  Then the bowl is ready for Dan to gently sandblast away layers of color and deeply carve the edge of the bowl with the sandblasting tool. Winter's Bloom 8" x 21" is an elegant opaque white glass cased in clear.  On this piece Dan sandblasted through all the white creating clear lines between the petals.  Each tip of the petal is delicately carved into a point. Both pieces have a sense of balance and calm.  If we can share that feeling with others, then our art has succeeded in a positive influence in the lives of our collectors. Thank you for all the years of support for our work, Laurie & Dan

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