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Celebrate Spring & Mother's Day!

The snow has finally melted and I see green grass & daffodiles from the glass studio windows. It's the perfect season for blowing glass and creating so many special glass gifts for Mother's Day. Flower vases are the first thing I think about. Who doesn't love a bunch of brilliant flowers in a jewel toned glass bud vase?

For a very special gift, we have unique sandblasted bowls and vases. The intricate designs are drawn directly on special tape on the bowl. When the tape is removed & the glass sandblasted away, the colors and shaded down to the clear layer.

Come visit the glass studio to check out all the new pieces!

If you're from out of town, let me know & I'll facetime with you on a personal gallery tour!

Yin Yang Tree Bowl 9" x 18" 5200

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