Bowls & Vases

Thal Glass bowls and vases are inspired by the natural beauty of Wyoming, the Grand Tetons, and worldly travels by the artists, Laurie Thal and Dan Altweis. Each functional glass art piece expresses nature, a sense of calm, and balance— enhancing any home or office. Jackson Hole glass artist, Daniel Altweis' intricately sandblasted designs add a depth and complexity to each vessel he collaborates on with artist, Laurie Thal.


Every piece is individually designed, drawn, and hand cut, revealing layers of rich colors in the sandblasting process.  Many bowls have a deeply carved lip which takes many hours of patient and skillful sandblasting. Their simple elegance and beauty are intended to add joy to each home, office, hotel, and a collector’s life.

Solar Flare
Vibrant Coral
Coral in Crisis
Cobalt-Ruby Lotus Bowl_edited
Cobalt Aspen Bowl
Ruby Lotus detail
Blue Sea
Blue Leaves detail
Yin Yang Fish
Solar Flare side view
Solar Flare detail
Lucious Red
Red Fans
Leaves on Fire
Orbits_5871 copy
New-Trees_6036 copy 2
Topaz-Lime Aspen Leaves
Fire Flower