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Thal Glass

Welcome to the Thal Glass Studio of Jackson Hole—the heart of art and culture in Wyoming! Thal Glass is comprised of Jackson Hole Artist, glassblower, and designer, Laurie Thal and artist, sandblaster, and glass fabricator & stained glass artist Dan Altwies.


Thal Glass is a proud member of the esteemed Jackson Hole Gallery Association, and the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce. Within the past decade,  Art in Jackson Hole has taken its place beside Seattle, Portland, Scottsdale, Santa Fe, San Francisco and New York as a major center for art, known as the "Art Center of the Rockies."

Together, Laurie & Dan have become locally and nationally famous contemporary glass artists exhibiting their hand blown glass portfolio of works of art in Jackson Hole, Wyoming art galleries and art shows and galleries nationwide. 


Thal Glass creates custom glass art that is both functional and inspiring glass gifts and décor for the home, office, or as a gift to delight a special friend or loved one. Every piece—from intricately sandblasted bowls, flower vases, and wine goblets to modern glass sculptures and wall or ceiling public art installations— is custom made with the intent to bring joy to the viewer.

In 2009 several distinguished gifts were selected from Thal Glass Studio:

  • President and Mrs. Barack Obama presented the Peacock Bowl to India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Sihngh as the official State Department Gift at the White House Dinner.

  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton chose a piece of Thal Glass with a sandblasted Eagle as the official gift to Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.*

*Both state department gifts were designed and sandblasted by Lia Kass who was working with Laurie Thal at the time.

Our Process




Twice a year, we fire up the glass furnaces, which take three days to reach 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the ideal temperature is reached it's time to make glass art. The furnace remains molten 24 hours a day for several months at a time. On average100 pounds of glass is melted each week in order to create one-of-a-kind glass blown works of art.


Laurie creates unique qualities in each piece, layering multiple hues to create captivating pools of light and depth. Dan designs and sandblasts the glass bowls and vases, which in some cases can take 100+ hours to complete.


In between periods of blowing glass, Laurie and Dan focus on designing and creating fused glass art commissions.  A single piece, such as The Cathedral Group, can take months of creativity and hard work  to fabricate.


Nature Inspired Glass Art


As outdoor enthusiasts, we also find artistic inspiration from the natural wonders of Jackson Hole and all of Wyoming. We also found a new source of environmental inspiration while traveling across the world. For example, on one trip where we crewed on a six-week sailing trip from Fiji to Vanuatu, we were inspired by the coral devastation we saw. We pored our heartache into the creation of “Coral Crisis”—a pair of sandblasted bowls with the edge carved in a coral pattern, one vibrant and one “in crisis.” This set is now in an art collector’s home in Maui.


Glass Art Installations and Commissions 

Thal Glass also works with builders and individuals on custom glass art for their home or office to create one-of-a-kind commissons with architecturally fused glass pieces, such as room dividers, chandeliers, sconces, and more.

Custom Glass Sculptures and Glass Commissions Pricing*:

  • Sandblasted glass bowls and glass vases are in the $1,800-$6,000 range. Sandblasted bud vases are $325-$475.


  • Solid and multicolored glass bowls are $450-$1200. Tornado vases: $450-850. Bud vases: $145 - $350


  • Glass perfume bottles, guaranteed to be received as an exquisite and unexpected gift, are $125-$350

*Pricing is subject to change.

Artist, Laurie Thal

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Artist Representation

If you are a fine art gallery, consultant, or interior design firm that is interested in representing or acquiring any of Thal Glass artworks please fill out our authorized dealer application CLICK HERE and we will contact you within 72 hours.



If you are a member of the media and would like more information about us or to schedule an interview with Laurie Thal, please CONTACT US HERE and our PR manager will contact you back within 72 hours.

For purchasing glass or visiting the Thal Glass Studio & Gallery in Jackson Wyoming Please make an appointment with  307.690.2491  307.699.4349

Studio Location

3800 Linn Dr

Wilson, Wyoming 83014

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